Canadian Toponyms of Ukrainian Origin in Ethnolinguistic and Linguocultural Aspects


  • Iryna Kalynovska

Ключові слова:

toponym, place name, toponymy, Ukrainian origin, linguocultural aspect, ethnolinguistic aspect,


Toponyms are known to contain information about the historical past of nations, the borders of their settlement, cultural, commercial and geographical centers, etc. Being an important part of linguistic data, place names express not only the history of people, but also their culture, lifestyle, daily environment, communication, etc. The following article focuses on the study of Canadian toponyms of Ukrainian origin highlighting their ethnolinguistic and linguocultural aspects. The analysis reflects the important national features of Ukrainian ethnic group in Canada, its culture and historical heritage represented in place names, which contribute to the development of Canadaʼs culture and its spiritual growth. The peculiarities of toponym meaning, origin and historical development are identified and explained. In perspective attention should be focused on the study of the factors, that influence the usage of Canadian toponyms of Ukrainian origin, the classification of place names by different criteria, comparing the development and usage peculiarities of toponyms in Ukraine and Canada. 


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